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Men Behaving Badly and those Nine Layers of "Getting Laid"

I don’t know a woman who couldn’t tell a personal story of being the recipient of aggressive male sexual conduct: whether rape, molestation, child sexual abuse, sexual harassment or intimidation, or sexual power-broking. I also know that women have generally been taught that they should somehow put up with this because it’s just a part of some version of “boys will be boys.”

Now one example after another of such conduct at high levels is daily news. And much is being said to analyze the issues in terms of power dynamics right along with attempts to somehow justify, dismiss, or minimize these actions.
But none of this has to do with something inherent in males as human beings. Our boys are not born with some impulse to treat anyone this way.
These actions spring from what is still mainstream male conditioning about sex and the male sex drive, conditioning that reaches its peak in junior and senior high school. And what that conditioning attempts to install in boys is solidly behind the sc…