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Yes "We" Can

November’s election results renewed hope in progressives that their work still pays off at the polls. What was important was that this was the result of the strength and unity of working people without much support from the corporate-funded Democratic leadership in Washington. Those fighting the good fight without help from the talk-of-change crowd in D.C. deserve full credit, and they deserve to find hope in what happened on November eighth against powerful, moneyed interests. How many were surprised at how Mississippi rejected by more than 55% the right-wing’s model personhood amendment? Supporters were poised to challenge the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling by provoking a lawsuit that would end up in what they believe to be a US Supreme Court on their side. But the amendment failed in what a 2011 Gallop poll ranked as the most conservative state in the union. The same night, voters in Ohio defeated Issue 2 by 63%. Working people humbled Koch brothers’ buddy, Governor Kasich (who became a …