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The Right-Wing's Last Ditch Strategy

We’ve come to the place where the radical right-wing intelligencia know that the old arguments against LGBT people won’t work. And so they’re at the end of their rope. The psychological debate had been settled a half of a century ago. True professionals in the psychological and counseling communities, as a result, embrace the professionally ethical requirement to affirm LGBT people as equal to anyone else. And finally that is catching on popularly to debunk the whole lucrative brain-wash-the-gay-away industry. Meanwhile, many people are tired of the constant drumbeat of picking on LGBT people, and the polls are swinging against discrimination on all the issues. It’s a shrinking but loud minority that continues to push anti-gay propaganda. And the old religious arguments using the Bible, tradition, and whatever other religious excuses have been recited to support discrimination, have been thoroughly answered for decades by scholars and clergy of numerous denominations. Even within man…

The Conclusions of a Progressive Democrat's Self-Reflection

On June 3rd, voters in California’s 33rd Congressional District will have the chance to vote in their state primary for an independent candidate known internationally for her writing and speaking on spirituality, not her politics. Her work is so influential that six of her ten books were New York Times bestsellers and Time magazine included her with yoga and cabala as three things that “have been taken up by those seeking a relationship with God that is not strictly tethered to Christianity." Marianne Williamson, a life-long progressive Democrat running as an independent, will hear the usual complaints from true believer Democrats, saying it will ruin their chances to do whatever Democrats swear they will do while giving their usual excuses for not doing it. Running makes spiritual sense to her: “While many seekers have turned away from politics, viewing spiritual and political pursuits as mutually exclusive, I agree with Mahatma Gandhi that ‘Anyone who thinks religion doesn’t h…