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More Collateral Damage Is Just the Price of Making America Macho Again

The politics and administration of the Trump phenomenon are a full-blown affirmation of what’s now called “toxic masculinity.” Observers point out that it’s both an appeal to men (mostly white) who feel that their and America’s masculinity is threatened as well as a glorification of the masculine gender conditioning that’s been part of American society for generations. Calling it “toxic masculinity,” though, makes it sound as if it’s something other than what it actually is: the full living out of a generations-old American male gender role that many thought was waning. It’s none other than our culture’s dominant definition of masculinity out in full force. There are many elements of this role such as the putting down of anything judged feminine or just not masculine enough while promoting a female role that makes women trophies and support personnel for the macho ego. Those elements have been called sexist and misogynist for they invoke the stereotypes of frat boy references to wome…