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I'll Say It: Every Right-Wing Bigot Is Responsible for the Orlando Murders

America’s most deadly mass shooting at an Orlando LGBT nightclub on another American day that will live in infamy almost half way through Gay Pride month was a national tragedy at so many levels. And the responsibility for it falls at the feet of every right-wing religious and political leader who has publicly spoken out in their nationally orchestrated campaign to demonize, dehumanize, and threaten LGBT people with punishment in this life and the next.  Words matter, and words spoken publicly echo and reecho in the hearts and minds of those who will act on them. In this case they may have produced the kind of self-hate LGBT people internalize so they come to despise who they are and those who remind them of it. And of all people, right-wing preachers and televangelists who spend their time minutely parsing every word in their bibles because what they say it means is so important in confirming their prejudices, know what the impact of their words is. They’re responsible for their spe…