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Stop Asking These Questions

How does someone credibly answer the question: “Have you quit beating your spouse?” It's the classic example of a question being the problem. It's a setup. The issue is in the question itself, before there's an answer. Such questions are part of the milieu of all cultures. They're just there. They've been so often and continuously repeated that people waste energy answering them, without thinking about questioning the question. In a political climate such as ours, using the high level of expertise in public relations and propaganda that we've perfected has been crucial to the political/economic/military/religious right-wing for the last forty-some years in order to frame issues so that we're comfortable with questions that in themselves promote a right-wing agenda. It's been a successful and self-conscious long-term movement. It's included the vast investment by conservatives in think tanks within and outside universities, the creation of conservat…