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What Now? Part Four: Are You Personally Prepared for this Fight?

If Republican operatives like Frank Luntz hadn’t already perfected the ability to manipulate people (“What matters most in politics is personality. It's not issues; it's not image.”) so that they’d regularly vote against their own interests before, we now have an administration that is thoroughly experienced in the manipulation of emotions over logic and the triggering of all that will keep its enemies off guard. The President himself has a history of being an egotistic, self-promoting conman and reality TV entertainer, and the real mastermind behind his initiatives, Steve Bannon, came from the leadership of the Breitbart right-wing news-manipulating organization. Thus, the first days of this administration have been marked by immediate bold executive actions that have been paced to hold the media’s attention and make people reel from their rapid-fire timing. Their strategy is brilliantly meant: to make the President look as if he’s a real take-charge CEO - appearance is what …