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The Kiss. Oh, the Humanity!

The first openly gay player drafted into the NFL, Michael Sam, kissed his boyfriend, Vito Cammisano, a swimmer for the University of Missouri from 2009-2012, right there for the world to see on TV. And, yes, that meant America would watch a black man kissing a white man, to top it all off. The couple wasn’t trying to rub it in. They knew they were on TV, and knew there’d be a reaction for sure. They weren’t na├»ve. But, anyone watching could see that they were expressing human emotions of relief at the conclusion of a series of events that ended happily for two people who love each other. They weren’t in any closet. From that moment on, people all over were talking about “the kiss.” Though some, gay or straight, who are annoyed by public displays of affection expressed discomfort, the media actually invaded what was a private residence. Reporters seeking ratings and sensation were tantalizing viewers to stay tuned. Emotions are emotions, common to all human beings who allow themselves…