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Republicans Throw Their Gay Adorers Under the Bus Again

The Republican Party is in trouble and LGBT people will continue to be targeted as symbolic sufferers for it. As argued here in February , no matter how the country is going in a more accepting direction, the right-wing is going to use discrimination as long as it works to rile up the funders and voters that make up their base. It doesn’t conform to the Republican gay group’s, the Log Cabin Republicans,’ ongoing fantasies about the Party and its presidential nominee treating LGBT people as equal human beings. Instead it provides the Log Cabiners with what they value more - the comfort of continuing their economically privileged status. So these gay loyalists must watch as their beloved Party continually rejects them in front of the world.  Tellingly, in July it approved what even the Log Cabiners call “the most anti-LGBT platform in the Party’s 162-year history.” In an email from Log Cabin President Gregory T. Angelo, he explained - as if shocked that Republicans would do this: “Oppo…