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What's Love Worth After All?

The government of the United States has no right to tell two consenting adults whom they can and cannot love. That’s the essence of the argument for marriage equality. Religions can believe anything they want, but love is none of the government’s business. Let religions fight with each other over this, for there are religious people everywhere disagreeing over who people should or shouldn’t love. When a society is built on fear and hate, whether religiously or otherwise inspired, those who dare to love whom they want are seen as subversive. They’re the ones willing to fight society’s fear and hate so they can live as people who love another. Groups that want to limit the definition of love so it fits nicely within their stifling boundaries get scared by love that knows no bounds. They visit their fears of what it would mean if they themselves loved boldly on those who don’t fit what feels safe to them. It doesn’t matter that real loving never always feels “safe.” It feels vulnerable,…